HomePage of Petra Wiederhold, International Congresses.


Participation in International Congresses (talks):

1. "Contours from the digitizer tableau", Intern. Conf. about Geometrical Problems of Image Processing GEOBILD'87, Georgenthal, Germany, 1987.


2. "Einsatzmoeglichkeiten des Systems A6472-AMBA/RJ", together with M. Hegner, 3. Intern. Symposium  "Morphometrie in Forschung und Praxis - Automatische Mikroskopbildanalyse", Berlin, Germany, 1987.


3. "The Alexandroff dimension of digital quotients of Euclidean spaces", together with R. Wilson, 13th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, México, D.F., 1998.


4. “About the dimension of digital spaces constructed from tilings of Euclidean spaces”, together with R. Wilson , Workshop on Digital Topology, New York, U.S.A., 2002.

5. “Digital spaces constructed from Rn with non-convex tiles”, together with R. Wilson , Seminar on Mathematical Structures for Computable Topology and Geometry, Dagstuhl, Saarbruecken, Germany, 2002.

6. "Skeletons and curves in Alexandroff spaces", Section "Applied Topology",  22nd Conference on Topology and its Applications, Castellón, Spain, July 2007.

7. "Thinning on quadratic, triangular, and hexagonal cell complexes", together with S. Morales, IWCIA'2008 - Intern. Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A., April 2008.

8. "About the dimension of discrete sets", Section "Applied Topology", 2008 Conference on Topology and its Applications, Mexico City, Mexico, July 2008.


9. “Thinning on posets related to polygonal tilings and to digital images", ACCOTA'2008 - Combinatorial and Computational Aspects of Optimization, Topology and Algebra (Aspectos Combinatorios y Computacionales de Optimizacion, Topologia y Algebra), Oaxaca, Mexico, Dec. 2008.

10. "Triangulation of cross-sectional DSS and MLP for surface area estimation", together with M. Villafuerte, IWCIA'09 – 13th Intern. Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Nov. 2009.

11. "On the relative convex hull", Convexity , Topology, Combinatorics, and Beyond: A workshop in honor of Montejano´s 60 birthday, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, Oct. 2011.

12.A P System Model for Contextual Array Languages”, together with K.G. Subramanian, I. Venkat, IWCIA 2012, Austin, Texas, USA, Nov. 2012.

13. Automatic liver tissue segmentation in microscopic images using fusion color space and multiscale morphological reconstruction” (C. Cruz-Gomez, P. Wiederhold, M. Gudino-Zayas), TAEECE 2013 – Int. Conf. on Technological Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, May 2013, Konya, Turkey. The work was presented by my student C. Cruz-Gomez.


14. "Relative Convex Hull Determination from Convex Hulls in the Plane”, together with H. Reyes, IWCIA 2015, Kolkata, India, Nov. 2015.