HomePage of Petra Wiederhold, research topics and projects.

Research areas and projects:

. Applications of digital image analysis:
  Processing and analysis of microscopic indentation images, acquired by a micro-indentation
  hardness test machine, joint project CINVESTAV - Universidad Veracruzana (UV), within this 
  project, a Data Bank is being developed:
CINVESTAV/UV   Vickers Indentation Images   Data Bank

. Digital estimators of geometrical properties of 2D and 3D objects (arc length and curve length estimators,   surface area estimators of 3D objects)

. Some problems from Computational Geometry (convexity)
. Thinning on Cell Complexes (on Digital Topological Spaces)
. Dimension Functions for Digital (Topological) Spaces


Direction of investigation projects:

Basic investigation project  ... ... supported by SEP/CONACYT Mexico, ... - at the moment, there is NO current such project .